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Coaching is a partnership between a Coach and Coachee built on trust and openness. The Coach helps the Coachee unlock their own potential, believing that everything they need is already inside of themselves.

Relational Dynamics

Is an approach to Leadership and Life and is the skill of interaction with yourself and others to help understand how we show up in life and in relationships.

4 Week Group Coaching Program

Designed to support women reflect and explore their authentic selves


  • Understanding how your brain works 
  • Rewiring your brain to shift and let go of old habits
  • Recognising self-limiting beliefs
  • Recognising old patterns and behaviours causing blocks to moving forward
  • Understanding  the impact of your own central nervous system, thereby allowing you to manage and maximize it allowing you to reach the goals you know you can achieve
  • Lead and build teams to bring out the best in each other, and to create a stronger working environment
  • Create more effective communication between you and your teams by understanding how you and they understand  relationships
  • Optimize communication between team members. 
  • Creating ways to welcome new working agendas while maximizing productivity and energy
Life & Wellness Coaching
  • Stop asking yourself why things are the way they are and learn how to change that by understanding how your body and mind work together to produce the best results
  • Understanding blocks that have prevented you from moving forward and staying ‘STUCK’
Relational Dynamics
  • Understanding your relationship with yourself and how that impacts every other relationship you have
  • Understanding how to manage your emotional responses in order to have harmonious and productive relationships
  • How to connect teams and individuals by transformative conversations
  • Support teams and individuals connect and effect change through transformative conversations

Coaching using Neuroscience

Coaching is a relationship between the coach and client that is built on trust and openness. Using neuroscience allows the coach to support the client have a greater understanding of their own internal system and identify any blocks or barriers which may be holding them back in moving forward, in all aspects of their lives, both personally and professionally. 

Neuroscience allows the ability to explore and learn new techniques and skills to manage your own emotional responses, (responding versus reacting), understand them, and the power to change them if they are no longer serving you. It helps coachees understand how to create new neuropathways which allow longer-lasting changes in the brain by creating new habits and new patterns giving the coachee time to pause, reflect, build resilience and adapt.

We have three brains, our head (rational brain), our heart (emotional brain), and our gut (intuitive brain). Coaching with Neuroscience helps the coachee delve into their own inner system allowing them to navigate, create, manage and avoid internal conflict of these brains and forge forward into a more balanced life.

Who Is Coaching For?

So ask yourself these questions–

  • Challenges  – Are you ready for every challenge in your life?
  • Relationship readiness  – ‘Are you ready to be the best in your relationship, make a shift in your relationship,  showing up as the best version of yourself?’
  • Work and Life – Are you feeling stuck in your work, not reaching your full potential? ‘Do you feel there is more to life for you, but struggle to see what that is?’
  • Transformative Connection – How to change a challenging conversation into an opportunity to connect and grow

If so link in to see how to create a change in your life!


  • Transformative conversations
  • Tools for leaders and teams to maximize and understand the dynamics of relationships  and how to benefit from this as a company or team
  • Wellness tools for all staff
  • Create a working environment that support staff to reach their full potential both personally and professionally


Individual Coaching

Small Group Coaching – Bespoke

Executive Bespoke Programs

Building Bridges to get to where you want to go

“The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.” —Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free 2

“Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have”

About Me

Amanda specialized in Relational Dynamics Coaching and is also a mentor who has worked alongside people to help them emerge and transform their lives, supporting them in their own braveness and resilience delving into their own inner strength, pushing through resistance and tension that has left them feeling stuck in life and in relationships, whether personal or work. 

Amanda introduces neuroscience with clients to help them navigate and have a clear understanding of their own internal systems and relationship with themselves and how that shows up in other areas of our lives.

For the past 27 years, Amanda has worked for various organizations where mentoring, teaching, and relationship dynamics were key in her work.  

Amanda has worked supporting individuals and families to explore and grow into their own potential and find their voice to forge and a new space for themselves in their own world.

Amanda is also a trained social worker, lecturer and trainer who supports people creating change on a personal and professional level.

She supports people in understanding  and  connecting their three brains; their head, heart and gut fully aligning coachees to their values and beliefs allowing them to create the life they desire. 

amanda ringrose coaching

As Aristotle says,  ‘Knowing yourself is the beginning of all Wisdom’.

‘Knowing yourself is the beginning of all Wisdom’.

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Amanda Ringrose Coaching

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